JJ soll Träger des BET ( Blue -Eye-Tri) Gens sein. Hierzu ein Auszug von der HP seiner Züchterin in den USA

In addressing so many of the inquiries I have received, concerning a clear explanation of the BET gene, in brown eyed offspring, I have posted this reply from ASHGI genetic expert Betty Jaco. http://www.ashgi.org/
My question to Betty Jaco:
"Does an offspring from a blue eyed tri australian shepherd have the same ability to produce a blue eyed tri as an actual blue eyed tri?"
Her Reply:
"Yes, but it is a ressive gene so it may not show up all the time. The offspring would need to be bred to another dog carring that gene also.
You can liken it to the reds in aussies. This red color is ressive, so to get a red both parents have to be red OR they hav to carry the red gene."